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Innovation : Research and Development

TABİT-AİM's aim is to ensure a working place to develop technologies and studies adhered to TABİT's mission that is to increase and widespread the use of agricultural technologies.

TABİT-AİM include but not limited to work on areas from greenhouses to livestock, to make small farmer's farming practises secure, effective and sustainable, to find solutions for market needs that are related to health and food systems and any possible agricultural scenarios.

Researchers can work in our research center in Koçarlı Village, Aydın which is an open innovation and creativity-based environment inside beautiful nature to adapt their ideas for agricultural technologies.

TABİT-AİM enjoys bringing in new technologies to agricultural innovation environment with cooperations developed.

We begin the Open Innovation process by soliciting new ideas from our internal research staff as well as scouting for opportunities to partner with universities, consultants and other corporations all over the world.  Using a robust stage gate process, our scientists evaluate ideas, eliminating projects as early as possible with the lowest potential, and moving those with the highest potential into development.  

Agricultural Solutions
Our innovation efforts in Agricultural Solutions are focused on five key areas:

Internet of Things-IoT: strong data management and software solutions contribute to your agricultural productivity.

New active ingredients: to provide greener, more sustainable solutions for crop protection

New performance attributes such as protection spectrum, safety and efficacy. 
Seed treatments to meet the rapidly growing demand for more sustainable crop protection.

Biologicals/Biotechnology Using nature's living organisms to help enhance crop productivity and protection.

Agricultural Cultural Change: developing researches regarding to both technological and ecology friendly changes in rural areas.


Grow Systems
Control Systems

Grow Systems
Water filtration
Monitoring Cameras


Mecatronic&robotic integration
And More.