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Our Projects

Vodafone Smart Village Project

Smart village is combining advanced technology with the capabilities of traditional farming methods; To increase the efficiency of production by information and communication technology. We aim with the Smart Village Project that upgrading social living standarts by quality infoermation.  



Vodafone Smart Village Project

Smart village is combining advanced technology with the capabilities of traditional farming methods; To increase the efficiency of production by information and communication technology. We aim with the Smart Village Project that upgrading social living standarts by quality infoermation. 



Vodafone Farmers' Club

Vodafone Farmers' Club is a program that Vodafone offers advantageous services to make life easier to our farmers and their relatives. Advantageous World of Vodafıne Farmers' Club offers a renewable and versatile program to the users. 


SMS 2434 - Farmers' News Pack

The world's largest farmer news service, increase agrricultural productivity and profibilty through directly touching the lives of our farmers. 



Farmers' Guide 

Vodafone Farmers Guide application: You can check the weather of your town and you can Access the news of provincial Marketplace and product exchange rates. 

Vodafone Farmers' Training Truck

Vodafone Farmers' Club Training Truck, which is equipped with the latest possibilities of technology and mobile communications, is going to farmers for training them to speed up agricultural and rural development. 


Vodafone Farmers' Advertisement Service

"2434 Farmers' News Service" are coming out of Turkey's first and largest agricultural e-commerce and communications site that www.tarimsalpazarlama.com which is offered to Farmers completely free of charge.

Social E-Commerce Network on Agriculture

tarimsalpazarlama.com is an agricultural information and e-commerce platform that brings together the sectors of agricultural and food industry on the internet environment. 

Agricultural News and Information Portal

Tarim.com.tr is a new way to serve our media stronger which is used to publish in Agricultural Press department of the tarimsalpazarlama.com. Tarimsalpazarlama.com is Turkey's latest agricultural news portal.   

It is Done What Did Farmers Say

We collected informations about what farmers expected from banks when we studied in the villages of Turkey.  


Use Reflectors, Prevent Accidents, Take The Road Safely - Brisa

Tractor-trailers without sign which were parked on roadsides or moving on traffic they have caused accidents. So, we build a project to promote the brand as well as provide both social benefits.

The Pulse of Agriculture TV Program (Farmers' Club TV) 

We take The Pulse of Agriculture through the live TV program for an hour with different perspective on agriculture in 2013, Ankara. 

The Pulse of Agriculture Journal

The Pulse of Agriculture Journal is a weekly newspaper that farmers can publish their classified advertisements owing to it and expert authors writes on it. 

Agricultural Web Content for SMEs

We shared the videos with members of agricultural sector which videos that we prepared after a decade with farmers in the agricultural sector for Akbank.

Modern Crop Protection Program - Training Truck - Bayer & Vodafone

"Modern Crop Protection Program" reached thousands of farmers and provided growth of revenue millions of pounds through the increased productivity. 

Harvest Card - Şekerbank

The team of Tabit had already information about the agricultural sociology, payment habits of farmers and product funding cycle issue of agriculture. We shared our experiences of rural area with the Sekerbank Team. Harvest Card was designed by The team of Sekerbank and Tabit who take the road for farmers expectations from a bank,in 2006. 

Village Visitation of Harvest Card - Sekerbank

Due to the success of the bank's business goals village visits are made each year by making traditional after the first time in 2006. 

Farmers' Computer - Intel & Arçelik

Farmers' Computer is released with a Grundig brand by Arcelik with downloaded contents that tarimsalpazarlama.com and Tabit contents.

Farmers Tablet - Intel Garage & Software

Farmers' Tablet is released with Win8 with downloaded contents that tarimsalpazarlama.com and Tabit contents by Garage Software. 

Farmers' Usege of Information Technology

The proliferation of information systems in the agricultural sector in Turkey. Changes in the rural areas, the widespread adoption of IT systems in the agricultural sector web, mobile and PC-based technology, the content of this technologies, which uses samples of use and there. Research results and detailed statistics on the use of computers by farmers in Turkey. 

Water Awareness in Rural Areas - Vodafone

The Project of "Water Awereness in Rural Areas" was carried out by the Agricultural Marketing Team to describe farmers accurate water usege and modern irrigation techniqes. This work led to Vodafone marketing team develop their communication language with farmers. 

The Campaign of Supplier Discount to Farmers - Vodafone

The project was developed for the farmers who use the Vodafone Farmers' Tariff to ensure buy advantagously their needs to production. We agreed with 4000 company in various provinces for farmers can shop from these firms discountly via the SMS infrastructure. 

Talk During the Year, Pay in Harvest Time Interest-Free - Vodafone & Sekerbank

This project is tailored to farmers' payment habits for whom the farmers and their family members that customers of Vodafone with Sekerbank. Finally this project create a cross-selling oportunities for both institutions.

Agricultural Exports Door Panel

We held an information meeting on export and technology by bringing together the Alibaba.com with 600 agricultural sector members.

Anatolia Tour for Agricultural Insurance Information - Insurance SBN 

Insurance SBN offered farmers' accidents and other insurance product to market by revising for create insurance awereness in rural areas. 

Agricultural Academy and the Ermenek School of Agriculture

We will make a difference in our industry through the creating awereness of sustainability in the production provided by Turkey as an exporter not an importer that Turey's producing and marketing must be international standarts. 

Turkey Irrigation Market Research and Marketing Plan - Mondragon

A market research and a proposal report about Turkey irrigation market is prepared by our company for Mondragon Turkey. In the direction of this report, Mondragon Turkey got first year 150%, second year 200% success  the marketing of products and creating structure of dealer in the market of Turkey via the cooperation with our company. 

Marketing Plan of Folding Box and Consulting - Odesa Polymer

Odessa Polymer which is investment of Demir Sabancı produced the folding box with an innovative approach for cleaning and transporting of fruits and vegetables.