We prepare the rural life for the future...

Who are we?

We are a team who has the strength of reaching tens of thousands of agricultural professionals by using internet and mobile solutions and face -to-face communication techniques, in addition we develop and implement 360 -degree communication and marketing projects for our customers to reach the target group of people who are living in rural areas and especially the farmers .
We reach to the target audience through means other than the traditional media .
Low cost, high persuasion, problem-solving skills are the important features of our company's success . Needs and communication language of the farmers are known very well to us . We can turn even the simplest ideas to miracles , we delivery the projects we plan " turnkey" for our customers .

Our Principles


Our company has determined the operating principles and announced. Within the framework Tabita principles are ;

1 Our projects target only farmers and rural areas . 2 Our projects benefit farmers and the country will as a whole . 3 Our projects not only create revenues but also contribute to our brand value. 4 Unless all all components are gathered we will not start any project . 5 We deliver turnkey projects which only we prepare in house and make business plan. 6 Above mentioned values and priorities can not be changed with any outside effect.

Tabita aims to increase the efficiency and profitability of the people who live in rural areas and work in agricultural production field and increase their life quality by encouraging use of technology and and its facilities.


  • Tülin AKIN

  • Tulin , a student at the University of the Mediterranean in 2003 established  Turkey's first agricultural communications and e -commerce site  www.tarimsalpazarlama.com and  achieved to introduce farmers first time with  information technology. Afterwards, by developing  credit cards for farmers , information and  mobile technology she realized projects which facilitated farmers access to financial and technological tools .

    Tulin visited 12,000 villages, reached 1 million farmers and given training to the farmers in various subjects from  use of  technology in agriculture to the irrigation systems and enabled to introduce farmers, who was unaware of these subjects ,  information , communication and technology.By doing that she also serviced world farmers with good practices.  She is the co founder of the company Tabit agricultural Information and Communication Technology  .

    After graduating from Anadolu University Business Administration department in 2009 she obtained micro  MBA degree in 2012 from Bogazici University. Read More

  • Coşkun YILDIRIM

  • Mr Coskun, in his career which is after 1980 he worked in various sizes of companies in   mid- level and senior manager positions.

    He has applied all his experience and knowledge to the Tarımsal Pazarlama Ltd. Sti.  Which is developing social business models for agriculture sector and he has contributed to the company with projects which has recognized and awarded locally and internationally.

    After getting BA degree in Ege University Faculty of Business Administration he has received education in cost accounting, education technology and rural area sociology and practices in these fields .

  • Recep ŞİMŞEK

  • Mr Recep began his career at  Sezai Turkes Feyzi Akkaya ( STFA ) Construction Co. .After working 15 years in international projects at Finance and Contract administration departments he continued his career working in another international construction company TEKSER in international projects.

    With his knowledge and experience he joined to  Agricultural Marketing Co in July 2010 . He currently holds position as Director of Financial and Administrative Affairs .

    Mr Recep completed his BA at the Academy of Economic and Commercial Sciences in Bursa Uludag University and his high school at  Bursa High School.


  • She started her career in Turk Philips in 1994 and continued in Turkcell Communication Services Inc. Worked as senior manager in various companies. She worked voluntarily in a school by coordinator of Student-Custodian and administration relations and organized various workshops for preparing the students for the future.

    As of 2014 she joined our team in order to realize her dreams by using her experiences in a social job model.

    Arzu graduated Newport University Faculty of Management and works as Project and Process Coordinator and Customer Relations Manager, Director of Technology in Tabit.

  • Emrah ATAKİŞİ

  • Emrah began  his career in Zen Health and Information Services  Company as a software developer . he worked in Project House 360 degrees Digital Advertising agency as a junior software developer .

    He has been working in our company as  a software developer .

    He has a degree at Sakarya University Computer Programming department  and completed Şişli EML Web design  Programming  course.

  • Osman YILMAZ

  • Becoming disabled as a result of an unfortunate accident in 2000 , Osman has started his  internet career in 2007 at the Agricultural Marketing Company.

    He works in content management team as a content development specialist. 

  • Murat AKÇOR

  • Murat started his career in Tabit as Mobile Content Editor and still continues.

    He graduated Dumlupınar Üniversity Simav Technical College Organic Agriculture Department and immediately after Adnan Menderes University Faculty of Agriculture Agrology and Plant Nutrition in 2014

    He continues his post graduate education Adnan Menderes University Faculty of Science Agrology and Plant Nutrition Discipline.